God created us and given life, He not only given us life but also to save our life he has given a beautiful gift called mother. God made a mother because she knew that, what the babies needed most.
She knows the need of her baby and fulfil all the needs as and when needed. As a mother we take utmost care of our baby but some time due to unawareness we take some decision which are neither in favour of baby nor in favour of society.  Use of Disposable diaper is one of them.
I had gone through different articles on disposable diapers and decided to give my contribution on this issue, this is the reason of my Start up.

Founder's Message

Hi, My self Neelamani, the founder of VNSL & Co. VNSL means "Value for Nature and Safe Life". Our brand name is "Ocean wrap". We manufacture cloth diapers which are washable and close to disposable diapers. The performance of these cloth diapers is close to the disposable diaper. Our reusable diapers are eco-friendly and no adverse effect in terms of baby health as well as Nature.
The adverse effect of disposable diapers is such a ocean and our aim is to wrap those big adverse effects up to a great extent. In this way the name "Ocean wrap" comes out.
I am M. Sc in Zoology and B,Ed in Life Science. During my study, I was very close to nature. It was my dream to serve nature and life. With this project, I will not only be helpful for the comfort of our loving baby, serve nature but also take care of your pocket.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide economical, High quality, Modern reusable cloth diaper which will safe for your baby and sustain the nature.
We create a better childhood and a better future by making and promoting sustainable products. We provide economical, yet high-quality modern cloth diapers. We feel proud to be a part of MAKE IN INDIA mission. Our product is designed and manufactured entirely in India. We provide employment to local person as well as promote indian industries for all raw materials. We are based in Ludhiana, India.