Cloth Diapers – Busting the Myths

Cloth diapers are a fairly new product in the world of capitalist conglomerates ruling the diaper industry. As new parents, you might have your own set of questions regarding which diaper to choose for your baby. As you start exploring, you may have been victim to a number of myths regarding cloth diapers. Here are a few that you might want to take a look at.

Myth#1: “Cloth diapers smell bad.”

Cloth diapering requires a bit more maintenance as compared to disposable diapers. It’s a general idea that over time, faeces and urine can cause the cloth diapers to smell. However, note that many cloth diapers are made with fabrics that are generally absorbent but do not trap smelly bacteria.  At Oceanwrap, we use cloth that is tried and tested over several washes to ensure zero odour.

Myth#2: “Cloth diapers are harmful to baby’s skin.”

Cloth diapers are made with some of the softest and the finest materials available in nature. Most cloth diapers use fabrics like cotton, bamboo, linen, etc which are undisputedly famous for being some of the safest, softest and the finest materials in the world. It is in fact disposable diapers that are doused in loads of chemicals in-order to keep the baby’s skin dry. Being breathable, cloth diapers maintain dryness naturally, without the use of any chemicals.

Myth#3: “Cloth diapers are expensive.”

One of the most crucial reasons parents make the switch to cloth diapers is due to the cost. Over time (approximately 3 years) a baby can use around 5000-6000 diapers. The average price of one disposable diaper is around Rs. 12. Now, 6000 X 12 = 72000. Oceanwrap’s average diaper costs Rs. 799 (insert+booster) and let’s assume a baby needs 15 reusable cloth diapers. 15 X 799 = 11985. While a single cloth diaper can be expensive to purchase upfront, it will pay for itself over time.

Oceanwrap Cloth Diapers – Busting the Myths

Myth#4: “Cloth diapers are difficult to clean.”

As parents, your baby’s poop is nothing that will end your nightmares anytime soon. It will be a part of your daily life for a long time and you have to make your peace with it. With cloth diapers, it is not as bad as you may think. As new-borns, your baby produces the type of poop that can directly be thrown into the washing machine with the diaper. For older babies, you will need to dispose off the solid waste into garbage bags before you can throw your cloth diapers into the washing machine. Cloth diapers also come with liner sheets that are picked up from the diaper itself and thrown in the trash.

Myth#5: “Cloth diapers will slip off easily.”

There is no denying the fact that babies can be some of the most notorious creatures in the world. As much as they can be adorable, they can also give you mini heart attacks, especially when they are strolling around the house by themselves. Oceanwrap’s diapers come with a one size fits all configuration with easy to use snap button closures that will snugly fit onto babies up to 16 kilos of weight. 

We hope that these myths help you change your perspective about cloth diapers and motivate you towards taking the pledge to adapt to a lifestyle that is more sustainable to your baby, its future and also sustainable to the environment around you.

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